Advent Calendar 2015


Do you sometimes think about when we'll be free to be together? I do. Not often because that would be depressing, since I am happy with you right now, in the present. But at times I think about the future and about when you'll be 18...

Time flies

It's so weird to be unable to tell how long I've been knowing you without having to think about it. We just make so much sense being together that I feel like I've known you forever. Like, you know, there's not even a before you and an after you, there's just a together with you.

Anyway I'll write more tomorrow if you read this before I'm done. This way you'll have double the calendar: before sleep and after sleep!
So here were are and because I made a mistake I kinda erased everything I typed (note that changing a folder's name while you're editing a file inside that folder is NOT a good idea c: which is why I totally did it) I have to retype everything. Or not, it was mostly nonsense X).
I'll stick to today's theme though. "Soon". I really want to be that day you'll come back home to find me waiting for you with all you can wish for. Tea, slippers, blankets and warmth, all ready to cuddle you and make your day better if it needs to. I can really picture it! More than once when I cook or when I do stuff, I'm saving some for you. But well, I guess I'm not the only one being crazy about you. I mean, look at my Mom, buying gingerbread for you ;) ahaha.
You deserve to be spoiled with care and gifts and love, all the love. Because you are an amazing girl filled with anything I could wish for.

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is really simple (well not really, it took me much longer to code than I expected so, like, mew... tis why this door is so short, I only have 10 minutes left to fill it! And I have to play golf with you! Aaaaah can you feel the rush~ And now you're blaming me for being lost aaaah pls this is stressful).
It's not made out of laziness, no. It's a promise, a commitment. Which promise, you ask? Well. When you'll turn 18 - more exactly, the summer after that - I want to invite you to France, to my house. I don't really know how you'll pull that up with your parents - if you can't it's okay - but if you can, your 18th birthday gift will be a plane ticket for summer~
And if I'm not already living in the US by then (and I certainly hope I will be living there), we'll go back together ❤

If you ever want to embed it on a page you can use this code:

/* ==================== */
/* = Countdown = */
/* ==================== */

.badge {
display: inline-block;
min-width: 10px;
padding: 3px 7px;
font-size: 12px;
font-weight: 700;
line-height: 1;
color: #fff;
text-align: center;
white-space: nowrap;
vertical-align: middle;
background-color: rgba(119,119,119,0.5);
border-radius: 10px;

#countdown {
margin: 10px;
padding: 10px;
border-radius: 5px;

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
till: 'July 1, 2018 00:00:00',
format: '<span class="badge">%Y</span> years, <span class="badge">%M</span> months, <span class="badge">%W</span> weeks, <span class="badge">%D</span> days, <span class="badge">%h</span> hours, <span class="badge">%m</span> minutes, <span class="badge">%s</span> seconds until we are united forever...'

$(document).ready(function() {
$('.colorz').each(function () {
var hue = 'rgb(' + (Math.floor((256-199)*Math.random()) + 200) + ',' + (Math.floor((256-199)*Math.random()) + 200) + ',' + (Math.floor((256-199)*Math.random()) + 200) + ')';
$(this).css("background-color", hue);

As an added bonus you can now use the class "colorz" to add a randomly changing colored background to anything you wish!