Advent Calendar 2015

Plans and more plans

I like it when we talk about random plans for the future, even ones which will probably never happen (I'm not gonna tell which, since it would spoil the fun of imagining they can all become true!).

I remember...

When we first started picturing such futures. Let's run into the forest mhm?~
The end of the world, together. Our island. Our forever. Our immortality. The shops we could open, our Nekopara-styled bakery.

I'm glad our futures won over the other ones. To be honest, I still remember the time when planning things together was "in case your main plans didn't work". Well. I'm glad they did not. Things belong the way they are now and I think it will be so forever, and ever. I mean, you know, we belong together. I'm so happy to be your main plan ❤
Whenever I feel down for any reason I just think about you, about us, and about our dreams.
But you know that since I made day 4 eh~

I want to hold your hand and build our future together. Here, there, doing this or that, I don't care as long as we both achieve our dreams, as long as we both are happy. When we'll finally live together I'm pretty sure we'll do some amazing and crazy things, build everything we need, invent new concepts and be the best. Cuz we are the best already but there's just the problem of that fucking ocean standing between us. But even that cannot stop us.

Anywhere, but together

I don't mind living in California or in France. We could event go to the Philippines for what I care, as long as I am with you, my plans can change and adapt. You know that I am trying to work there because for now, you're stuck there, so of course, it's my responsibility to do my best to get closer to you! I so hope I will. If I was rich I would totally open a hipster shop, ahaa~
Sadly, I'm not rich, so it's not that easy. But it doesn't mean I'm not going to fight to get there. I will do anything, just anything to be with you. I miss holding you close, cuddling you, kissing you~ I cannot wait for next summer!

Right now your maths are making you really upset so I have been doing my best so that today's door will bring at least a smile >.< I feel helpless when that happens. Because I want to cuddle you, to protect you, to help you, to make you feel less stressed... I want to whisper in your ear that everything will be alright, to reward you with kisses when you succeed and to help you as you try! I would bring you a cup of tea, a blanket to wrap yourself in, and I would silently stay by your side until you're done.

But I can't do any of this so... I have to find other ways ❤ (yes, eating you out is another way. No, it's not possible either, very sadly).

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is a short tour of our Cookie Shop!
I think you'll name it because you're so much better than I am with names ❤
I don't know where it would be, but I can picture a nice old-fashioned street. The shop would either be really modern, or really antique. Either glass and metal à la Apple Store, or brick and wood. For the latter, I can picture having really fancy handwriting (oh god that's so not me) everywhere and wonderful display cases and tables! Maybe like a fancier Powell's Sweet Shoppe! I would want people to see it and be like "omg that looks so tasty" but also "oh that's so niche!" so we could get all hipsterish...

I can picture us very well cooking and baking and preparing cookie dough, wrapping it carefully like luxury things in order to scam all the hipsters out of their money c:
We would have to make sure not to eat everything we prepare though... Imagine the smell of dough baking, butter & chocolate melting, caramel bubbling and tea & coffee brewing.

We could have an assortment of cooked dough, raw dough and ready-to-bake one! Chocolate ones, fruit ones, macha ones for the tru3 hipst3rs, berry ones, nut ones... All kinds!

Maybe we could have a whole range of cookie dough ice cream people could come and get? Served as a sandwich inbetween two cookies! We could have this whole blackboard and write the day's flavors on it!

And for weddings and occasions we could, like, make fucking humongous cookies cakes, several stories high! They would be like, the pinnacle of our cookie art. Masterpieces ready to be destroyed and eaten!

Aaaah I can't wait~ It's going to be so much fun ^_^ and it's could be our way to re-enact Nekopara mmh?~❤