Advent Calendar 2015

Let's visit the past

So today will be all about me. Well. Not really, but, like, you know. It's still kinda about me.

Bread for braids

So, when you asked for my mom to braid my hair, it brought back some memories and stuff. Cute ones, like, as she said, I used to have those dozens of tiny braids when I was a kid. Like a reggae man X)!

It was a ritual, every summer before leaving for holidays, my mom would braid my hair in tiny braids. It was both because it was cute but also because it was practical: at that time we would spend a month on the Spanish coast every Summer. That meant a lot of swimming and diving and bathing. And you know what happens to my hair after it gets wet right? First, I have to wash it with shampoo, then it becomes overly fluffy, and then I have to brush it to remove the knots.

So having tiny braids allowed me to simply shower off the salt from my hair without having to damage it by shampooing it once a day. It was also very convenient for drying. They were tied with very colorful little plastic beads thingies and it would be noisy when I would shake my head. So much fun! The most amusing part was at the end of summer when I would untie them all - I would then have curly hair for a long while!

Today, I missed you, but it gave me some time to polish this page, like, looking for pictures and sorting them. I was not even done scanning when you came back, you heard LapRinter (soon to be renamed PrinTamok which is amazingly better, thanks ❤). But still, I fucking missed you, like, omg. I'm never thankful enough when you manage to call when you're busy but ❤ I really am thankful and it makes me soooo, so happy. I had fun watching you be the Grinch and so did my Mom! It reminded me of that time I had to be Santa. To be honest, you looked so fine with it while I was so fucking stressed. I am amazed ❤ you're the best, once again!

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is a bunch of pictures of me when I was much younger. I remember that time we went through your pictures and it felt so great and I was so grateful for you to share that with me, aaah~ So now it's my turn. I'm really sorry I couldn't fine one with the braids but I'll keep looking (and so will my mom) until I find it :) then I will send it to you.
Enjoy the loli feels~

Here's the link to the gallery and...
Here's the link to the unedited (aka not color corrected and stuff) gallery, just in case you want the vintage feels~