Advent Calendar 2015

Today is friday, and friday means week-end!

And you know what I like about week-ends? It's that I get to spend a looot of time with you ❤ I like breaks better than week-ends for that same obvious reason but hey, sadly, you can't have breaks every week so I'm fine with week-ends.

Your happiness is my happiness

Like, litterally. Seeing your smile as you discover a new day of this advent's calendar is making me so happy!
That's why (no, not really, it's just a reason among others) I want and will spoil you ❤ just like Master should when he's pleased with his Kitty ^_^

So today is not going to be as, uh, big as yesterday but I'll still make it special! Not cuz it's an advent calendar's day but cuz I wanna make each of your days special. Anyway...

Time for a filler

Since I'm a bit of a rush cuz I don't know why (I mean, day 6 is almost done and day 5 is still in progress? Wtf!) I'm gonna fill this page with little secrets and shit you might or might now know about me (watch as I fail):

  • I broke one of my teeth by pointing an airsoft gun in my mouth and firing it. I thought it was empty.
  • I once used olive oil to fap, when I was very young. Never again.
  • When I was a kid, in 6th grade, I didn't know what the heart-shape made with hands meant. I wondered why this girl and her friends were running around doing it.
  • During the final high school team project counting toward the final notes, I got so mad at the laziness of the other two that I finished my part perfectly, gave them links to plagiarize from, and gave no fuck about them. On the day we presented it, I watched them fail at answering the questions asked while I aced it. It felt really good.
  • I only got my first hand and blowjob when I was 21. I lost my virginity to a whore later because I wanted to check how it felt. I spent three hours trying to finish and had to fake an orgasm because I was utterly bored. I felt so miserable and depressed that I gave her money for a cab and told her I had to go to work. It was a sunday morning xD
  • On my highschool physics final lab, I got the hardest of all the ones I could get. One with tedious manipulations and maths rather than actual experimentation. My teacher felt sorry for me and hinted me some answers.
  • Related to the one above the one above: I consider you my first. You are indeed the first girlfriend I have sex with. I didn't actually lose my virginity to you but it sure felt like it. Like, a mix of knowing what I was doing yet still feeling like it was a real first. I always was quite afraid to tell you that because it sounds weird.
  • Related again, I never fapped with someone over Skype before you. Nor with any of my exs. But hey, since I never called anyone, it does make sense, huh?
  • I once ordered a free vibrator online with only shipping costs and got it delivered to a friend without saying I did it. He still wonders.
  • I have so many secret places that I forgot some of them (in the "oh, I didn't remember I had that" way). I hide items, papers and all kind of things.
  • I told you once I have a safe in my room. That's actually true. The combination to it is 053319872711. No one else but me knows about it. Inside the safe, I keep different things: pseudo-rare coins with little value, sentimental items, and a souvenir from each of the pets I owned (don't read anything gruesome here, it's just a puff of hair I seal in a little paper bag).
  • The reason I've been keeping hair is because I wanted something to remind me of them and what's better than what I used to pet when they were still here. Another reason is that, when I was a kid, I used to think I would became a brilliant geneticist and would be able to make a copy of them using the hair. Nowadays, I don't know if that was a horrible, or a naive thought. Probably naive, because I didn't really understand the implications of making a copy - it would have had the same body but not the same soul so what would have been the point?
  • My left knee has a defect. It's called the Osgood–Schlatter disease. It's pretty harmless excepting that it hurts at times, but I don't feel it anymore because it's been a really long time I've had it. I don't care much about it anymore.
  • Talking about knees, I never told you about that elementary school trip to the mountains and skiing. It was in 5th grade. We had this horrible, mean teacher, the one I told you about who would put bad students behind a raw of empty tables with plants on them, calling their location the zoo. Well, on that trip, I remember everyone crying because of the onion soup they forced us to eat. It was disgusting, thick and slimy. People cried and puked, but everyone had to finish it. On that same trip, one day, I went skiing with the rest of the class. Beginner level - I'm not really into skiing. Not even 10 minutes after we started, something happened to my leg. The ski went in one direction, opposite to the other. My right knee spinned on itself to accomodate that change. A tad bit too much. I fell and was unable to move it anymore. My kneed hurt like hell and they didn't notice I fell, so I escaped back to the dormitory. By the evening, the size of my knee tripled. My best friend of the time went to the teacher and asked for help. He did not believe him. He came to see me, and didn't believe me either. He just gave me some cream. The day after, my knee was still the same, I couldn't bend my leg. He made me put the ski shoes on, those horrible, rigid boots. He made me walk to the ski area. I was lucky he was attending with the advanced class so I hid in the monitor's cabin. The monitor didn't care. That's where I spent the rest of the trip, about a week, with a twisted knee. Hiding because if the teacher found me, he would make me ski. When I got home, my knee was still swollen, but it was too late to do anything anymore. Nowadays, sometimes when I am tired, my right knee just gives in. I don't care nor mind because I have a good balance but heh, it makes for a nice story!
  • I used to be blonde. Like, really blonde. As I grew older, my hair turned darker. I am not sure how to feel about that!
  • Related to the last one, I used to be a loli :) small child with long blond hair. When I was around 10 a girl asked me to show her my dick because she didn't believe I was a boy. I didn't do it.
  • I killed a frog once. I still feel horrible about that.
  • I once told a girl to fuck off when she asked me out because I thought she was making fun of me. I still feel bad for having been so mean - I could have told her to fuck off in a nicer way if I had been more confident.
  • Most of the time I have a knife with me. Next to my bed, under my pillow, in my bag, in my pocket. It's useful :)
  • I never entirely read most of the French classics. They are way too boring.
  • I can make my jaw crack in a weird way. I don't know why.
  • As a kid, I used to do gymnastics :) I am still kinda flexible.
  • I have a thing for stealing from the rich.
  • You know I dislike washing big knives, right? The reason behind that is that I can't help but see and feel how horrible it would feel to harm myself or people with it.
  • In the same way, I often need to relax and meditate when I am stressed because it leads me to picturing every item used in the worst way possible. Really gruesome ways.
  • I used to have a hard time falling asleep because of my thoughts. I would remember everything sad in my life and it would keep me awake for a while. Since I met you, watching over you, hearing you breath, it makes me feel safe. I never slept so well.
  • I still don't know where my fleshlight is. I found a "finger" sized dildo I forgot about in the drawer of my desk, along with old expired condoms. I used to order the free stuff from Adam and Eve when I was younger, praying for my parents to never look into my mail.
  • I am scared by the wind but I actually enjoy it when there's rain, thunder and wind. I just don't like hearing it blow on my house.
  • I am scared of the ocean because it's so massive that something lost in it is lost forever. Yet I gladly swim and enjoy water and I love to dive. I'll just make sure anything I carry with me is overly secured.
  • I had issues with letting go of items. I'm scared of the garbage truck. All of that because one day my dad threw away my favorite toys. I was a teen and not a kid anymore but I loved them. One night while taking the trash out, I noticed them in a bag in the trash. I dug them out and carried them away. Then every night, for a long time, I checked the trash for my belongings. Nowadays I feel uncomfortable when I have to throw something "important" away. I also don't like the sound of the garbage truck loading the trash. It's completely stupid, I know.
  • I love you. Oh wait, that's not a secret. Still, I love you.
  • I love you.
  • I love you.
  • I love you.
  • I love you.
  • I love you.
  • I love you.
  • I love you.
  • I love you.
  • I love you.
  • I love you.
  • And...
  • I love you.

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