Advent Calendar 2015

Everything is fine, I promise...

Even through distance and because of love, today's entry will be about taking you somewhere else.
So, I'm gonna ask you to put your headphones and close your eyes.
Oh wait, you need to press play before closing your eyes...!

Just close your eyes and press play, you'll read that after you're done.

You can download it here.

The point of all of this is not to be lazy and never talk to you ever again, of course not ;) no, the real point is for you to download this file so you can hear my voice whenever you miss me, whenever you feel down, whenever you need comfort. Keep it safe with you, anywhere, everywhere, and listen to it when you feel like it. Or just listen to it once, I don't know~ It's all up to you.

I'll also give you the transcript so you can read it if, for some reason, you cannot listen to it. But don't read it before you listened though!

Remember that time we first spoke about the end of the world...
How it would feel to spend it together.
The ways we could use to make it happen, the both of us surviving it.
That would only be part of our journey...
But for now, I want to go back, all the way back to that time we moved in together.
Maybe even a bit before.
Do you remember that forest?
We were both afraid and enthralled.
From afar it looked like a painting.
Chiaroscuro inviting us to explore it.
Holding hands, we passed the first tall trees.
"It's our forest, I know it!" we both exclaimed in unison.
Our eyes locked and we started to run.
The warmth of the mud under our bare feet felt so nice.
We ran, and ran until we couldn't anymore.
We collapsed, still holding hands, on a bed of fluffy moss.
We kissed, eyes closed, and that when we noticed it.
The soft rain, falling through the leaves.
The soothing noise of water hitting the trees and making its way through.
We stayed there for hours. Hours? Maybe days.
I don't remember - time was not of the essence.
We woke up without noticing we fell asleep, our bodies intertwined.
Lazily, we stood up and looked around. Everything was so quiet.
Far away inbetween the trees, a deer noticed us. But it was not afraid.
We walked toward him but he vanished in the fine mist rising from the ground.
Suddenly, the sound of a waterfall.
Crystal clear water flowing swiftly into a lake.
The mist was hovering over the water.
We couldn't picture accurately where the lake began.
Were those cute colored fishes swimming in the mist?
Dancing spots of red, white, orange frolicking around us.
The water was reaching up to our knees when again, we stopped walking.
Out of nowhere, an aria, subtle melody, accompanied by the waterfall.
Our voices humming in counterpoint, we held each other.
I don't remember for how long we danced and sang together in the mist, do you?
Maybe we're still dancing and we don't know it.
The path was leading away from the lake. We followed it.
We reached a clearing in the forest.
The sun reached to the ground, making it so bright.
Tall grasses, butterflies quietly flying.
Some rabbits hopping around.
Our house standing there, patiently waiting for us to call it home.
It was a rather simple seen from the outside.
Made out of stone and wood, straw and mud.
As we got closer, we noticed it was much bigger than it looked from afar.
A small path lead to the front door, neatly bordered by flowers of all kinds.
On the way there, a small bridge overlooking a tiny stream.
The water was flowing around the corner of the house, out of our sight.
We decided to hop off the path and follow it.
It ran all the way around the house and we kept following it.
At the back of the house was a huge pond.
The stream was flowing there, and with the sun shining on the water, it looked beautiful.
Our fishes were waiting for us and as we approached, they all gathered.
We gave them some food and, our hands reaching inside the water, we let them brush our skin.
We stayed there for a while, playing with the fishes.
The sturgeon roamed toward us, looking for our attention.
We then went to the patio where chairs and sofas would let us enjoy the sun.
Opening the back door, we went inside the house.
A welcoming warmth greeted us.
The sound of a lit fireplace guided us as we walked on the wooden floor.
We walked through the library where old and new books together lines the walls.
Reaching the music room, we paused and looked at our piano.
On the shelves, a violin, a flute, and other various instruments.
In a corner, piled music sheets of all genres.
Looking at each other, we smiled, the countless duets we would play in mind.
Backtracking, we went to our bedroom.
The huge bed with purple sheets looked so inviting.
From the window we could see the golden fields brushed by the wind outside.
The doorway facing the window lead to the bathroom.
It looked like it was carved from the rock.
Like a damp and warm cave, though well-lit.
A huge bathtub made out of the same rock in a corner.
A shower in the other. In the center of the room, a furnace with hot stones.
Leaving the bedroom, we passed a few doors leading to our offices,
Our guess rooms, and our future kids' rooms.
The wooden floor was softly creaking as we paced through the house.
Finally, we reached the largest space.
In the large living room, furs and blankets piled up on fluffy sofas.
The dancing colors of the fire lit the room softly.
Leaving you for a few minutes on the furs I went to the kitchen.
I came back with a simple yet elegant glass teapot.
The tea leaves were slowly blooming in the hot water.
We cuddled for a long time, simply enjoying each other.
Our forest, our dream house... Our forever.

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is, well, this picture of a piece of chocolate. It's a tad bit lame-ish but to be honest, your surprise is what you just listened to, just that I didn't want it to be at the bottom of the page. But hey, here's something for you anyway!.

It's a basic text editor with random moods (sounds) you can set (à la RainyMood). You do not have to type anything though but sometimes, when inspiration strike then... Why not :) you can use it to export for Tumblr or whatever, it exports as html/markdown. Also you can use the "Save As" option to save your drafts - but they are saved on your computer, not on the server, so if you delete your browser's cache, they might be gone. Be careful with that aaah~