Advent Calendar 2015

I so fucking love you

Because love is what matters the most?

Let's keep it cheesy

So yesterday you got a stupid sonnet about distance and how we'll bravely face it because we have our together. Today's starting with I love you, but hey, I promise the chocolate will not be as bad :) anyway! Now's for the cheesiness.
I told you countless times that I never loved this way and I'm going to do it again. I know you don't really like when I talk about my past relationships and shit so I'm not going to do too much of that - mostly because there's just no comparison possible between what we live and what I lived before, for that you are so unique and for that we have forever. It's as simple as looking at how much time we spend together.
2800 hours in calls.
500 messages each day.
I simply never spent that much time with any other human being. Never ever. Because I never found someone worth it and because I cannot stand it. Excepting with you. That's how much I love you - you just bypass any anti-human properties I have and turn it into an addiction to you presence.

What's time?

When you're not around, time stops. Of course, I can cope with it stopping by doing all the random tasks and things I have to do on a daily basis but in the end, my day only really starts when you're finally home and we can be together.
You're making time sound like a weird thing that only has a meaning when we're desperate for more, just like when it's time to go, time to leave you, time to wait for the next summer.
With you, 265 days spent together sound like having known each other forever. And forever sounds like a reality we can reach when we hold hands.
Waiting until you're home, waiting a year, waiting three years, waiting... Doesn't matter anymore. Waiting doesn't make sense because it's just like if we waited alread. I can already hear your voice, feel you close to me, see us living together. It sounds so far away, yet it is so close.

Time only matters to those in a hurry, and we have forever. That must be why.

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is, like, an early Christmas gift. Something you found out about already and which bothered you because you wanted to know more about it and stuff! Well, here's the whole story:

  • Hey Tamok,

    First off: thank you SO much for your pledge! It's awesome to see so much support for our project! We were really afraid that people wouldn't care for it at all! <3

    The MURICAT tier (€50) includes all the previous rewards, so it also has the double beta access! There's a table in the project description with more details about the tiers!

    Thank you again for the generous pledge! :D


  • Tamok
    Oct 25 2015

    Duh, I feel silly for that I indeed noticed the table a few seconds after sending the message! Hah, go me.

    Does the double beta access means double the perks for the other person? Example - I want my friend to also get the BGO tombstone and exclusive KS ingame bonuses, or will that be just me? :)

    I am glad you guys are on for a great start for this KS, I'll try to get all of my friends to back your new game ;) and remember, if you ever consider localization, you can shoot me an email.

  • Hah, no problem!

    The double beta access unfortunately only means you get an extra beta key to hand out. It's our first project, so we haven't got experience with addons yet, but perhaps if we added those that could help out.

    Here's an idea! If you pledge the 75 euro tier then we can could handle that as a 50 euro tier for you and a 25 euro tier for your friend though! That shouldn't be a problem! :)

    And yes, we've designed Catamancer with localization in mind. We'll have to see if we can find budget for that, but it would be nice to be able to use our well-designed localization code on this project! Making a note of your offer!

  • Oh, I remember your offer being free now! Well, that would make the budget issues... evaporate I guess! Thank you for the incredibly nice offer! :)

  • Tamok
    Oct 25 2015


  • Tamok
    Oct 25 2015

    Oh god Kickstarter can you not.

    So, I'll probably go for 75 as a 50 + 25 tiers thingy :) thanks for your input, I was a bit confused.

    And of course, my pleasure to help you guys.

  • You're welcome! Thank you again for the awesome support! I'll make a note of the tier split thingy so we hopefully won't forget about it. :)

  • Thank you! We've made a note of your deal to split this into a 50 and 25 euro pledge. :)

  • Hey Tamok,

    We are relaunching our campaign today with a new, lower goal. Our rewards structure remains the same with an added Alpha Access reward!

    The new campaign will become available at:

    Our new campaign will be up at 01:00 CEST (18:00 CEST). We really hope that you will back our relaunched campaign. We're really excited about it!

    See you soon! <3

    ~Dys & Sil

  • Hey Tamok,

    Thank you so much for re-backing Catamancer! Glad to see you here again! <3

    Our 50 / 25 tier split deal still stands! :)


So mh. Yes that's how you're going to get your tombstone ;) I was kinda twisting the truth when I said you'd have access thanks to my second invite but, well, nope, you're getting your own PUMA Kickstarter tier thingy ❤