Advent Calendar 2015

Can you believe...

...It's done already? Today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas. And we've been through December, together~ And it was the best!

I am proud, happy & content

I know December is not easy and that was the whole point of this Advent Calendar. To make it easier for you, even just a tad little bit. And December has been rough for you but you told me it's been better than the lasts. And I promise it'll get better and better. And someday, those bad Decembers will be just a memory, and we'll cuddle together, opening door after door in front of the fireplace, thinking about how it all began, about this first Advent Calendar.

I might have not been on point every day, with delays and some doors being maybe a bit less inspired than others but mew! I wanted it to be done and well, there we are. And it was amazing to spend all those hours preparing little gifts for you each and every year. To be honest, I would do that all year round but well, it would be impossible! Look at those past three days, I've been so late on Advent ahah. Right now I'm physically and mentally exhausted but in the end, I'm really happy (noticed how I struggle with vocabulary and how I pass out before you mh? xD). But I caught up and you're getting your 24th on the 24th so it's alright.

Rough times always preceding the best times

Neither of us have been perfect this month, with petty arguments about everything and nothing. But I want to say that it's still been the best. You know, I'm with you for the best but also for the tough moments and I want to be there for you forever. You can lash out and vent and hug and hit and kiss and cry and I will you all the same.

I was a bit worried a few days ago when you reblogged that post about "I'm constantly fighting with my boyfriend, it's an unhealthy relationship but I can't leave". To be honest, a bit worried is an understatement. But then I gave it some thought and realized it was not us. Sure, December has been rough and we've pretty much argued more often but. Then I thought about all the monthes before and how we almost never argued, and when it happened, how we solved it by discussing together. And that's us. We can go through hard times really easily when we talk it out as soon as it happens. Because we're so strong, our bond is so intense that it doesn't make sense to make each other sad!

If I'm typing that out it's because right now, with December almost gone, I think you can tell you'll never be alone anymore. You can tell I'm a clingy idiot and that I'll go through anything with you. Even when you don't want me to! I'm never leaving you until you actually ask me to. And I know you're not leaving me either. I want you to feel safe with me, and to feel that, well, nothing wrong will happen. Ever. Again. Past does not repeat itself and we're the proof.

I remember you told me you had a hard time believing that and I understand it. And I know it's too early (and mostly impossible) to commit but I will keep proving myself again and again and again every day, every week, every month until you feel safe.

And you know it's not because I'm typing that on the 24th that it's like, a Christmas gift. Of course not! It's just us! We're like that! We love each other, we're resilient, we're strong... And we have forever. Forever together!

Together we'll make it the best

December will be festive and Christmas will be amazing!

Imagine in the future... When we live together, having our own Christmas tree that we'll decorate together, putting gifts for each other under it. It will be so amazing!
And even later, when we'll have kids... I'll play Santa for the sake of it and we'll make them the happiest with gift and attention!

The important thing you should know is that... I love you ❤

And that we'll be together. Forever. From this December to all the others ❤

Today's Chocolate

So today's chocolate is a chocolate in the shape of a chocolate and made out of chocolate. It's filled with chocolate and has a chocolate coating.
No just kidding. You know, I told you several time you were inspiring me and that I want to duet and play with you. So I thought I would give you a piece I played for you. You know for how long I haven't played and well. I used a mute because the mic didn't fare well with violin. Also, I wanted to train and record more and mom was supposed to be out because like, I wanted to play for you and not anyone else. But it didn't happen haha. So I thought I wouldn't edit the recording and let you hear all the mistakes and missed notes. I haven't played for so long I have cramps in my hands ahaa. It's a tad bit sad but, but I kinda want to play again for you... Also I can't find the actual piece I wanted to play for you~ But it'll happen!

There's another track I want to upload... Soon c: