Advent Calendar 2015


Art is so interesting. It can take so many forms. Music, painting, drawing, editing, writing, dancing, singing... And what's amazing is that you're an artist!

Born to be an artist

They say some people are smart, some other are creative, and some are good at doing stuff with their hands. But to be honest, I think it's not mutually exclusive, far from that! And that people should not have to do some things to fit labels because it's like putting obstacles in the way to their uniqueness!

Someone like you has the intelligence to do great things, and the sensitivity to be an artist. It does not mean you can't be both! Of course not. And guess what? You're good at manual stuff too. You're good at doing DIY stuff. And mixing DIY, intelligence and creativity makes for the best inventions. Again, I have to say, you often make me proud and amazed with the solutions you come up with, the way you think, the way you do things... It's always so unexpected and brilliant! Just like when you used the cardboard tubes today! Or when you make one of those projects for school (mockingbird one aaaah~). Or when you draw. Or when you make lyrics videos. Or when you come up with new ideas.

Story time

So today when my friends were over the music teacher one told us a story about one of his colleagues. She's a German teacher now, but she used to be a lawyer for like 10 years. And last week he learnt she's not just that: she showed him huge, humongous paintings she did on gigantic walls (walls that would be like 4 time the width and two times the height of your bedroom walls). He wouldn't have guessed that behind the german teacher there was an artist. And what an artist! Apparently her paintings are really amazing and she used to paint a lot. Right now, she still paints and kinda wonders why the fuck she is a German teacher. Some people live many lives it seems!

And I think we're a bit like that, the both of us. We are both multi-talented, multi-skilled and we have no clue where exactly we are heading, and it can be scary. But what you have to know is that we have the chance to be able to make our future what we want it to be, unlike oh so many other people. Of course, you can think it's harder rather than having a single path like, drop out of school and become a cashier and done, life's like that until you're 80 and die early. But honestly, it's worth it! Nothing is settled, ever, and you can always aim to be what you always wanted to, particularly when you're as gifted as you are. And I will be here to support you, whichever path you pick! Because I believe in you, I really do ❤

Today's Chocolate

So today's chocolate is a UNRELATED BUT CHECK YOUR INBOX ❤ we just talked about that and like. Yeah! Love you ❤ Also, I can't wait until we play all those retro games together. It's going to be so amazing ahahaaa.