Advent Calendar 2015

So much stuff

I have to bring you so much stuff this summer it's crazy. Of course all of it can be concealed easily!

To be honest...

...I told myself I would make a list not to forget anything. I'm really scared I'm going to forget something you know? That feeling can be so annoying, particularly when I only get one chance a year ;) I will do that after the holidays when I'm less overwhelmed with all I have to think about! A list of what I have to bring! The letters, the drawings, the cards, the gifts...

I can't wait to struggle while packing my luggage the day before leaving, like I always do. Aaah. The feels. I remember last year when I made your gift - I was unable to find exactly the box I wanted until just the day before.
I went to the DIY shop and finally found one. Then I went home and started packing. I made and sewn the design, glued the felt and everything during the night before I went to the airport. It was such a rush, it was so stressful. But it was also really happy because I was impatiently waiting to see your face when you would discover the box.

It's an amazing feeling when you prepare a surprise for the person you love... Even if I know you don't actually like to wait and stuff but. I still like it. All the surprises for you aaah~ I honestly can't wait for the day I'll be able to spoil you.

Little letters in the mail, small gifts left on your nightstand table... Doodles on the fridge... Soon!

Today's Chocolate

So today's chocolate is quite silly but. You remember when you asked me to order those cute little rock-pendants? Well, guess what! They did arrive ❤ so you're getting yours this summer ahah c: also, I might have been a tad bit cheesy and I might have added another one too?~ It might be a cute little bottle with a dandelion seed inside and an I Love You thingy and and ye...