Advent Calendar 2015


I love it. I have to admit that, I just fucking love it. And when you're cheesy too? It makes me melt, I'm so happy. Cheesiness is life.

De you remember...

...Well of course you do, it was a few days ago but...

Nya, an atmosphere, a planetarium, a galaxy, a universe of our love...
Can you imagine our love as a little single tree within a whole planet? We'd be the only ornaments hanging there together, forever. We'll be surrounded by a sky of red, and it only gets more intense and colorful with each second we're near~

Yes, I can actually imagine that very well. And it makes me overly happy.
There's so many things you said in the past that make me happy even today. You always manage to reach deep inside me and I'm like, wow. Even the most simple things...

This made me nostalgic and I remembered everything you ever said, every time you made me smile, every time I felt so flustered, so melted inside...
You know the most beautiful part? It still happens. After 8 monthes, or whatever time you see fit in our relationship calendar, you still manage to make me melt. And I hope I do too - I hope I make you flustered, still. Because I know you'll manage to do that for our whole life together. Always surprise each other, always make each other the happiest. Make each other feel the most important.❤

Let's not be too cheesy

Cuz you'll get bored of it~

Time for some relaxing Koon-time!

She reminds me of hypnotoad tbh.

Today's Chocolate

So today's chocolate is a French Carol. I know you suffered my horrible voice already on the 19th but but. Yeah idk I was randomly inspired by you yesterday so I did that quickly. It took much less time for a result as crappy if not crappier c: Also, did you notice it looks like cube companion? It's actually from my Advent Calendar, I was so done.