Advent Calendar 2015

Late 20

So of course, this is being written the 21st, because I was not around on the 20th. But it's no reason to skip a day!

My mom

You know it already but my mom really loves you. There's many reasons to that. First, you're amazing and she knows it. She gets to know you and she appreciates you. Last time in the car we were talking about parents not seeing their kids anymore for one reason or another. She told me she didn't understand that, that whatever happened she would always make the first move to come back to me. So I asked her what could happen for our mom/son relationship to break.
I told her "You accept any of my relationships, and I could be a hooker, you'd support me. What else is there?". We ended up talking about relationships and she told me "even if I didn't like your wife, I would just mention it but I'd still be nice to her. It's not my place to judge. But anyway, I love Sophie and I hope you guys stay together. Oh I would love having partially asian grand kids, like they are so cute!".

There's also the fact you're the first girlfriend I ever had her meet cuz like, you're worthy? She knew about one other but she never actually saw her face nor spoke to her or whatever because I didn't care. It sounds stupid but I'm eager for you two to actually meet. You'll get along so well. I can imagine her giving you art tips and you talking to her about your creative ideas and doing DIY stuff together! Aaah all the amazing stuff you guys will do! And I think she kinda wants to show off to you but shhh. I never said that.

She also sees every day how happy you make me. And she's kinda giving you an infinite free pass to be my priority whatever happens just because she cares about the both of us. Like, she's not getting mad when I delay fixing things in the house because I talk to you, or when I wake up at 5pm, or when I'm like "can we go grocery shopping in [insert time] cuz by then Sophie will be at school so it's not time we could have spent together?" and she's always like "of course spend time with Sophie ❤".

Today's Chocolate

So today's chocolate is a gift from my mom. Yeah that's a tad bit like cheating by not making something myself but hey. So that's the reason this update was all about her.

So she drew this "singing xmas ornaments" using watercolors and other stuff and of course you'll get the original drawing on Summer, she insisted c: I will make sure you can easily conceal but hey, it's signer with a woman's name so you could even bullshit it's from school or whatever. The scan could be better too :) click on the picture and get a higher quality one, might rescan it later too.