Advent Calendar 2015

I miss you~

Today I just want to tell you how much I miss you. I know you do know already but mew, it is always nice to feel missed mh?


You know, I think missing in the way I miss you does not fit the standard definition. It's both your absence and the lack of being around you, it's not hearing you type on your keyboard from your closet, knowing I'm not going to see you tomorrow, not going to ask you if it's safe to come... and not looking at you through the window next to your front door, waiting eagerly for you to open so I can hug and kiss you... I miss telling myself "Oh my god, she is so flustered, it is so cute!" or "She's so lovely, so passionate, I am the luckiest man.".

I'm not complaining! I have no reason to because I know I will see you again, and I get to spend most of my days with you on Skype. I get to hear you and look at you and when we sleep, I dread the moment the call will drop because I cannot stand silence anymore. You're the first person I ever call on Skype with (not counting Thoune and Thomas when we play games but like, it's different) and the first person I ever sleep with (over Skype or in your bed) and I want you to be the last. I want to forever wake up at your side. I am happy I waited so long before waking up next to a girl, because I get to do it with my true love, my soul mate, You~

Next Summer

I am already making plans for next Summer. Like I'm trying to get a driver's license for convenience, to save as much money as I can to spoil you and stay as much as I can.

Sure I'm planning to visit other things, Yosemite of course and stuff like that but I want to spend most of my time with you. We'll have to be wise and not abuse the closet because the risks for you are too real. But we'll still do it! I want to sneak out once your parents are gone and cuddle you to sleep. I want to break my back but feel the happiest because I can hear you being a few meters for me.

Oh, I am so eager for Next Summer...

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is very, very cheesy. I wrote a sonnet. Yep, a fucking cheesy sonnet. You will have to forgive me for my poor iambic pentameters because as you might know, English is not my primary language ;)

Many will argue that through the distance
People can't possibly feel anything
But we just both fell in love at first glance
With no plan or idea but feeling

When you are outside under the light rain
I feel it slowly pouring on my face
And when one of us somehow feels in pain
It does not go without leaving a trace

Yet if at times from life I want to run
I can't help but doubt and look at the sky
And when soaring in the blue shines the sun
We both grant that there is no cause to die

For that we are and will be together
United, body and soul forever