Advent Calendar 2015

Music is life...

We both know it is! And I am really eager for the time we will be able to sing and play music together, this is going to be so fucking amazing! I really cannot wait...

When you forget everything

Well that's not absolutely true but for example, I kinda forgot how to place my voice. I can tell people how to but I can't apply it to myself! Well I could if I trained but the lazy feels omg! Which means I can be off key when I sing. How sad! You though? You're on point! So I have work to do~
To be honest, I really like your voice - I like it a lot when you sing and I could listen to you for hours!

Anyway mh. What was I going to say today? I don't remember, I was typing this when you got home yesterday and you were so excited and happy I just stopped ^_^ I was happy too! I liked how you told me everything that happened and shared all the pictures and and... I really wished I was there but you made me feel like I was, to some extent! It was so cute when you passed out after all the story-telling~ Ahaaa. The happiness was real. Yesterday I told you how glad I was you would have a great day, and now that I witnessed how amazing it was, I am the happiest!

Oh! You talked during the night. You kinda woke up and said "Wow" then fell back asleep. It was cute. ❤

Here's your Koon of the day! No celery, just some really yummy-looking tile flooring! Yes, I'm too lazy to embed it ;_; sorry!

Little story I heard...

I don't remember how or where. I don't remember if I made it up or read it or stole it! I told it to David recently. You'll understand why I told him! And I just saw something similar on Facebook so I thought, why not dump it here!

It is sad how we teach children from their youngest age.
Looks, things to do and not to, "good" behavior... All of these petty rules which prevent you from experimenting, from enjoying simple moments, from being happy... Sometimes it's hard not to give in... Sometimes it's really frustrating.
Some are tumblers. They will jump both feet first in a puddle of water without thinking about the consequences. They won't care about what adults think, they won't care about what anyone thinks, without turning thing over in their heads. They want to dominate the world.
Some others are docile. They fear the consequences. This is why they won't dare and maybe never will dare experiment, because they are scared of being judged. Doubt and lack of confidence settle in. They miss out on life.
And then, there's the adventurers. Those who eventually rebel, because they held too much in, they're tired of those good behavior codes they picture as obstacles. They crave for freedom, they give up on materialism, on the looks... They find happiness in the most simple things. After carefully thinking about it, they realize that jumping in a puddle of water is risk free.
Kid... Listen to adults but sometimes, assert yourself! If the consequences are just a wet, dirty shirt... Go ahead and jump in the puddles of water, enjoy life! That life made out of little treats...~❤

And you know, I think we're adventurers. I think we both were docile to some extent but together, we have life, we have forever in front of us. And we'll enjoy all the little treats together. And we'll treat each other to happiness... Hiding in your closet, writing each other letters, being cheesy and clingy...

Today's Chocolate

So today's chocolate is a song I found:

I don't remember how I stumbled upon it but when I heard the lyrics I was like: "me".
It happened like a week ago and I looked it up. I think the song is pretty decent? Maybe you will like it. But the lyrics, aaah~

And so, well, I did a do. I kinda hate myself for it because it's really crappy and I wish I could do better. Plus I had a really had a hard time finding the instrumentals alone, so yeah. THEY ARE A BIT OFF. Anyway, here!

[Has been pulled until I fix it because it really sounded shitty, noticed that today, will do when we're not in a call anymore c:]
[Welp we're not in a call anymore but mew... Hard to do y'know. I'll just dump the recording I just made and mew. Might not have time to redo after. It's not even singing anymore tbh. Oh well. Another time ❤]
[Ah well things seemed a bit better so I did another take? I'll call it kinda-final because even if I keep trying it'll only get crappier and crappier so yeah. You might need to put earplugs before listening to this c:]

I promise next time I'll sing for you I won't do as badly. It's been a very long time since I last sang for someone and and. It was probably for an exam? I mean, I never actually sang (nor played for what it matters) for someone like, as in, singing for the purpose of pleasing someone. Anyway. I will train for next time ;_; ahaaa. I'm much better at random singing than at remembering lyrics of a song I listened to for just a few times. I hope you'll still like it a bit. Oh you're so going to judge me xD