Advent Calendar 2015

I am happy...

...That today is going to be such a good day for you ^_^ I'm going to fucking miss you but I hope you'll be having a blast.

So, I don't remember

What I was going to say today. So I am going to find something else to say! Ahah. Oh well. So I just read something which made me a bit sad. But it's okay because, right now, all my thoughts are going toward you and like, it makes me happy!
My mom asked me for your email address today. I don't know why. Do you want me to give it to her? Which one? I'm sure she won't mind if I don't give her anyway ^_^ It's all up to you, and don't feel like you have to!

Anyway. I wrote a lot about today's gift so I'm trying to find something else to say here.
Oh. I forgot to tell you about yesterday. I mean, I didn't find the time. But it was an interesting day. Kinda? I don't know. You make me feel interesting and, you know, I always want to tell you everything but... I can't help sometime to feel boring. I'm scared I'll talk too much about myself and make you run away. But - yesterday!
So I waited until you were gone to school to go outside, as I usually do, because it's too precious to wake up at your side and be able to wish a good morning :). I ate some random things - I don't actually remember. Then we left home. I planned the shopping to make sure we'd be able to do everything as efficiently as possible while still having fun. So we first went to town in order to get Hugo's gift.

Talking about Hugo's gift, I suddenly remember what I wanted to get him two days ago. I was showering while you were sleeping - I brought you with me but you kept sleeping, it was so cute ^_^ - and after that, I trimmed my beard a bit and it hit me: Hugo told me about that hairdresser/barber in town he was dreaming to go to!
So I went there and bought a gift card for him for both a haircut and a beard trimming. I don't even know if he has a beard anymore or not but yeah. It'll be useful to him anyway. I hope he'll like it.

On the way to the shop we passed my favorite asian grocery store and I told my mom we should go there and get that spicy Christmas ham from the Reunion we like to get. So on our way back we went there. Sadly there was no such ham. But I found green papaya! I was so happy, I told my mom I would make some green papaya salad! I also bought some turmeric because lately I've been into turmeric tea made with coconut milk - it's really tasty, I wish I could bring you a cup. We also spent some time discussing with the shop owner. She's really nice and we talked about everything and nothing. Like, how she used to make herself sick and worried about money because of the taxes and shit and how now she just doesn't care because one has to be optimistic and because if you keep worrying and stressing, you ruin your own life. She then promised she'd try to get us one of the ham for next monday if she could find it. Her husband goes to Paris once a week to the biggest wholesale market in Europe (tbh, even in the world) to get all the stuff they sell. It's called Rungis, you might check it! We have to go there someday even if we need to be professionals, I think I could find ways.

After that, we went to get Christmas cards for Rick, Luigi and my jewish friend. On the way, we stopped at the pet shop because my gecko needed food. We ended up watching the shrimps, the moon fish and then we bought 5 fishies for both tanks. The long ones you saw, and two other kinds.
We finally went to the paper/book/craft/everything shop (it's a bit like that shop we went to next to that last day we could see each other, before Target - the one you used as a dropsite ❤ I can't remember the name right now. Office Depot?). They carry more books, more like a bookshop, but they also have crafts and a few tech items. So yeah, I went to the cards and that's where I found a really cute one that I bought for you ❤ I then bought one for each of my friends. They were really expensive, but they were the best. And then I went to the clerk all like "I see you carry Christmas Cards but don't you have any Hannukah's one?" and she was like "wtf you saying wtf is that no we don't" so I ended up commenting "man, we're such a xenophobic country".

After that we came back home and my mom stopped at a neighbor's house because he was getting rid of some concrete slab/flower pots and she thought she could use them so I had to get them in the car. They were like 65 pounds each so it was fun to load them then to unload them once home. It's the reason why my back was aching last night ^_^ and right now, my arms are aching a bit xD but it's all fine.
Annd then once home I just ate croque-monsieur for dinner and waited for you to get home eagerly ❤

So yeah that's what happened yesterday before you arrived home! I don't know why I forgot to tell you, it was kind of fun I think? Well. On to the gift:

Today's Chocolate

So today's chocolate is a bit... I don't know. It's not cute, but it's a gift for you, as usual C:
Back in 2011, maybe 2010 I'm not sure, I found a website about learning things using mnemonics and flash cards which actually did something no one else did. Like, it used theories and methods rarely used (you could say, the kind of things used in those special schools and stuff). It's really well made. I was impressed.

To be honest, I didn't even use it much. Why? Because you know, no motivation, no time, it's easy to just stop logging in and forget about it. But - a while ago in a KickStarter newsletter there was a piece about them. They made this project about a bus that would tour Europe to help spread languages. It's quite interesting!
So, I went to the page and read what they were doing. And I remembered I used to like this site and what they did, how they did it. And I noticed that some of the perks granted a lifetime "pro" membership to their site.

I gave it a thought. I know you like languages so much. Well, in fact, you just like knowledge, that's for sure. So, I thought "why not". I pledged for a lifetime membership, for you. That's your gift :) I don't know yet how/when exactly it will be delivered. You will probably need to create a normal account and then I'll message them your infos.
I know it's a weird gift and tbh I won't mind if you don't use it. I really won't. It's really special. But it's a bit of a "you never know". Maybe someday you'll need it. Maybe someday you'll try the French "lessons". Maybe we can learn something together. Maybe tagalog? Maybe esperanto? Maybe now, maybe in a few years - they've been around for a while and will probably keep growing and spreading. So a lifetime membership is never a waste, I guess? But remember, it's a gift, which means it's up to you to use it or not and that I won't mind it if you just stash it someplace ❤

Oh and I messaged them. Told them it's great to have single lifetime memberships pledge, but that they should think about couple pledges, for people liking to do stuff together. They said they had that for yearly pledge, but not lifetime. I insisted: seriously guys, your lifetime memberships are just like my relationship: it lasts for a lifetime. Touché, they gave me a huge rebate on a second account, aka mine, so that we can both have it ❤

❤❤❤ Day 19 will unlock once you're done with day 18 ❤❤❤