Advent Calendar 2015

I like it when...

...You smile, you draw, you edit, you sing, you dance, you talk, you work, you play piano, you lead in toontown, you share your ideas, you do things with me...

I'm always so proud

You're so amazing and so talented, yet you won't believe anything written here! But yes, you are. I made lists, more than once, trying to explain why you're so amazing. But they have two flaws: first, it doesn't help you with believing, and second, they are so far from being complete. I can only have so many ideas at a time and when it comes to making a list I obviously miss some of the most important points, along with most of the minor ones!
This is why I'm not going to make a list right now :) you anyway know everything I have to say. Which doesn't mean I'm going to stop saying it whenever you make me proud or happy or surprised!
But yes, you are precious and uniquely skilled and I am so glad about that. Glad because we can share so much together, teach each other so many things, it's wonderful~

Also, I found that...

Earlier today I was listening to some music and I stumbled upon that:

So I'm linking it here because it reminds me of Yann Tiersen a lot. It's not piano but yeah. I found it really cute and relaxing to listen to and I thought I would share it with you. I didn't know that artist before but I kinda like some of the stuff he does!

Other stuff!

I bought celery today and like, Kokoon came around and went crazy "omfg celery that's so amazing I love celery give me all the celery" so I took a couple picture to show you and it ended up being so much fun that I made a gif out of it?

So yeah. And I went to the pet shop to buy crickets for my gecko, and I went to see the fishies and stuff and I saw that:

Which are fresh water shrimps and they are like, sooooo cute you can see all the little thingies on their paws that they use to filter water and aaaaaah I need a huge tank to have some of those cause yeah. And like, my phone was dying and I was all "omg no I need a video of those for Sophie please let me please please". I managed to take it and then it died C: so it's all fine! I could have watched them filter the water for hours and I sooo wished you were here~ (sending the video killed the quality but I will reupload it with a higher quality asap c: < done! Now available in 720p~)

Today's Chocolate

Today's chocolate is a little something I will bring you this Summer ❤ it's cute, made out of thick paper, ish all cute and fun. Did you guess? (Yes, you're actually getting a Christmas Postcard in Summer. I was shopping for Rick and Luigi's and I found one so cute that I couldn't help but buy it for you c: I guess you'll have to wait until then to find out what's written on it~)