Advent Calendar 2015

It's all about cookies

The smell of freshly baked dough lingering in the house, mixed with the scent of bubbling oranges slowly turning into jam...

That's what I want to share with you today

All the cookies I want to bake with you, share with and have you eat until you're stuffed and happy. I would bring you some tea and a plate of cookies and buttered bread with jam. The tea might be a caramel black tea, subtly sweetened but not too much so it would feel refreshing to drink along the sweet pastries and cookies.

Balls of dough and big cookie machine.

Dough shaped in dildos. I mean, sticks.

The other balls of dough, waiting quietly.

The dough coming out of the cookie machine, shaped.

Same, but longer.

And that's one baking sheet filled with cookies.

So many more to come.

Fresh out of the oven.


It's over 9000.

Mom insisted that you got a picture of Master working the dough... ❤

Those are the last trays.

Dere baking hard.

Stacking the cookies.

Reach for the sky.

I'm in love with the coco. Coco cookies.

Peanut cookies. It's a first from this year. Actually tasty.

Almond cookies.


Hazelnut please.

All the cookies!

Oh and the orange jam. Both plain and spiced (cinammon, nutmeg and a pinch of other stuff. No, not space cookies. Not yet).

Today's Chocolate

I am still trying to figure out a way to properly vacuum-pack the cookies without crushing them. I might be on the right way after a few failed tries. But yeah, that's your chocolate for today: the thought of those freshly baked cookies being carefully packed with all my love so that you can have some of them during summer and enjoy some wintery-christmassy goodness together with me ❤