Advent Calendar 2015

Let's run in the vegetable garden

I remember how stupidly I reacted when you told me you wanted to be a vegetarian again... I still feel bad about it.

But I changed

Or rather, you made me see it another way. I understood your reasons and motivations. And then of course I could only be 100% behind you. Because I think such willpower and decisions should be supported and who better than your boyfriend for that? So yes, I approve of your decision, even if you don't need my "approval".
I just mean that I think it's great and you know, I'm doing everything for you to eat properly with your new diet. Sadly, I know the obstacles you face and I know it's not all up to you. And of course, I cannot cook for you just yet! But you just wait and you'll have to nom on some cheesy vegetarian food cuteness. No, you're not allowed to starve yourself to preserve it or I'll be very sad!

I am a bit late on updates lately

But I'm catching up. I should manage to get everything done by the time you're back from school and piano! 12th, 13th and 14th, even though today's surprise is not here, but that's not actually my fault ehehe. I just like spending time with you much more than with the Advent Calendar, even if I love doing it just because I know it will make you smile!
To be completely honest, I have many ideas left but I have to find the time to do them. I tend to spend hours on those pages making sure every little detail is going to make you feel happy, and then, while doing so, suddenly I'll get a new idea out of nowhere and will be like "should I use it for today or should I keep it for later?". I most often always end up using them for the day in progress because mew. I can always have more ideas later on other days!

Anyway, back on today's topic

Which is, as you might have guessed, eating veggies. You know I am proud of you for that and well, you know that you changed me. To be honest, I never thought so much about finding meat-free alternatives to everything I cook and do. And since I know the reason behind your diet, well, I manage to find alternatives which actually work.
I know you'll switch back when you'll go to the Philippines and, somehow, I kinda wish you'll eat meat the day of our first date at In'n'Out. Because it'd be sad to have you eat salad and french fries while I just eat a tasty burger. But I really won't mind if you don't ^_^ cuz it's just the fact we'll be going out together on our first date which matters. Just watch as I sneak something tasty to go with your salad. Anyway, that was not the point! I just meant that if you switch back we'll still get to eat a lot of veggies and that everything we learn and share about vegetarianism will not be lost! The day we'll live together, we'll have the most balanced and tasty meals ❤
Enough rambling though, I think you know me well enough to know what I mean by all of that already, and that you always knew. But it's always good to say it again, right? That I'm proud of your choices, and that I'm really happy when I can share a recipe with you.
Cuz whatever the diet, I love you ❤

Today's Chocolate

So I'm waiting for today's gift to be delivered. It was supposed to be today but apparently it's been delayed a bit so uh, yeah. I will update asap!
But I can tell you what it's going to be: ebooks with really interesting vegetarian recipes I got for you a while ago (actually backed on KS and on friday I got an update telling it should be sent today, apparently, today is going to be tomorrow!) ❤ I wish I could have gotten you the paperback but mew. That will have to wait~!
Update: "Hi Everyone & especially everyone waiting anxiously for the e-book! :-) I'd expected to have the German and English e-books finished and online today. Both versions of the e-book are 99% complete (with recipe links & other fancy improvements) but I want to do a bit more testing tomorrow morning with various devices before putting the e-books online and distributing the download links."

It's finally here! Both books can be downloaded from here ❤

The Lotus and the Artichoke - Mexico!
The Lotus and the Artichoke - Sri Lanka