Advent Calendar 2015

Can you believe...

...It's already been 12 days of Advent Calendar! Times flies, don't you think?

Yup, time flies...

And that's a good thing cause it brings Summer closer. And everything else.
All the cuddling, hugging and kissing! Seeing each other almost every day ♥! Do you know how much I miss that? Of course you do, silly me, it's just the same for you...~ But I am so eager. Do you often wonder how it will be the first day of Summer when I'll be with you? I do. It's such a cherished thought, whenever I feel sad I just hold onto it and like, it makes me smile because I remember the first time I met you in the park and I imagine being a bit like that. Less clumsy, less passing out, but with all the fluster of the first time. I wonder if I'll be able to let go after hugging you. It'd be more convenient if I could but... I never want to have to let go again~
And then I think about everything we'll do. We have so many plans! We won't have time... But we have forever so it's fine. It's just a matter of waiting a bit more, just a tad bit more. Trying not to kidnap you just yet~ It's so tempting though! Can you imagine it, last day of Summer I take you with me and we board that plane together, going back home! Aaaha... Please, I want to fall asleep with you every day, wish you a good morning every day, kiss you every day, cuddle you every day...

Cuteness overload

Since that time we watched this video together it's been stuck in my head so I'm like, copying it here because it's so much happiness and cuteness and aaaah~
To be honest, it's bit like what happens in my head when I see you smiling and happy. It's bliss, it's happy, it's simple, it's that "omg I feel so content" feeling. It's like hearing you laugh, seeing you having fun. It's just the same. It's probably why I like it so much!
Yes, it's on autoplay because such cuteness allows for it to be on autoplay!

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is coming soon, I just need to find where I put it cuz I lost it?! Like last night after you fell asleep I got done with it and I fell asleep too cuz I was really tired and and I LOST IT?! xD
12/13/2015: It's still lost. RIP.
12/14/2015: I can do it, it must be somewhere...
12/15/2015: I think I have to look on LapTamok (the first)... Will do later!
12/16/2015: Still looking. Went through LapTamok, didn't find. Might have to go through Loot and Loot2 (external hard drives). Finding some precious nuggets I could maybe dump here until I find what I actually want to give!
12/17/2015: Found Loot and Loot2. Going to go through them when I have time!
12/18/2015: Not on Loot2.
12/20/2015: Found it. Oh wait, no, I did not. I found other stuff. Not what I wanted. Let's dump that while you wait patiently. Yes it's crappy music I created back in 2011 it would seem. I had a passing fancy for Fruity Loops. It happens every so often. It's always lame results c:

12/21/2015: I'm late, so late...
12/22/2015: I'm still so late omg...
12/24/2015: Okay that's beyond late but! You'll get it!