Advent Calendar 2015

Baaaa Ba ba

You know what I noticed today? That I'm not even eating the chocolates out of my actual Advent Calendar. I'm like, 5 chocolates late. Omg. Will try to think about it tomorrow c:

Ba. Hababa.

Ba. Hababa. Hababadagada. Hababadadaba. Hatapatakataka. Hatada. Hababa, hapapapapadaga. Ba! Ba! Bababa! Babababa! Babababa ba! Ba! Ba! Ba. Habababa. Habababababa. Ba! Bababababa. HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA! Habwabwa. Ha! Ha! Habwabwa. Ha! Ha. Hadabadaga? Habababw. Habababa, hawawawa, haaa! Hadabada! Haaa! Habwabwabwa bwabwabwabwa. Bwa Bwa. Hadadets? Ba. Badaga? Patata patadap, hakadapartad. Hapatadagadatadis, HA DA BAAAA!!!!!

Random things...

I wanted to put something else here so like, I'm going to do it later (because my phone battery died during the process), but just in case you check this door before going to sleep, I'll just leave random things here ❤
They are placeholders and will most likely be gone when I'll be done with the actual page~!
You can find the placeholder here c: just in case you want to catch up on the silly videos.
There's nothing much added but, yeah like, mew. I always end up getting delays out of random pieces of code and yeah! And if I keep looking for ideas for today I'm gonna be late for tomorrow's door and like aaaaah~!

Still though

I just want to add that, you know, I love you ❤ and that document you made about our Cookie Shop? Aah omg you just melted my heart and shaped it back again and again, like, too much cuteness and awesomeness and aaaah so amazing I can't take it I've read it like 5 or 6 times today and I'm like conflicted cuz I wanna invest time in it but then if I do I'm gonna fail at Advent and everything else so I should be reasonable and just think about it on the side and omg I'm gonna go and read it again ❤

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is this relaxing fish-filled page. Also the custom made shrimpsor with bubbles! Both of which, if you want, can be adapted to another place or anything ❤
Or you can just sit back and relax, enjoying it. Hint: click here.