Advent Calendar 2015

You're worth it...

You might hate me for this. Or you might love me. Nah just kidding, I know you love me already. Anyway, today's not about me, today's about you! Heh, it's your Advent Calendar, so it makes sense, right?

...And you're loved

Okay here's the plan today :)
So I know you won't believe (well, you will believe but won't acknowledge) everything I have to say about you because you think I am biased because I am your boyfriend, and because I love you.
Well, today I asked people you met and care about what they thought about you - don't worry, I didn't mention anything else but "Hey, you know Sophie? Well, watcha think about her?". Here are their participation, left untouched (well, if modified, it'll be inside brackets and for translation purposes):

Bonjour Sophie, just a quick message to say that you must come to France as soon as possible. We need to do a karaoke contest on β€œla marmalade” I guess tamok learn you everything to mastered this song. We will have lot of fun together !
Aaaand of course, you must watch tamok playing soccer, trust me, just for that, it deserves a 9000 km travel. Take peanut butter cup for me !! Hugs !

I know she's a super nice and funny person :) like if she's online on toontown I like to play with her, she's very helpful and selfless! Def someone I would love to get to know better!

sophie is so wonderful and is full of talent. shes so nice and caring and just im so happy that were friends. so glad i annoyed the shit out of her in 5th grade (i also wouldve failed school without her tbh)

It's coming later today cuz he's like, easily distracted! And working on it.

The best way I could describe her is timid haha but it's like a cute timid you know? But once you get to know her she's like the sweetest person ever, very reliable and I know she'll always be there for me :D I'm really glad to have a friend like her.

Sophie is really smart and talented and even though I haven't hang out with her as much as we did last year she is really special to me! She is an amazing singer and a really awesome loyal friend πŸ’πŸ»πŸ»πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜‡πŸ™‚

{One paw at a time it brings you kindness, tenderness and big kisses!!!}

I'll still give it a shot. You know all of that already but you, my dear, are the best person to ever happen in my life. You're a brilliant & talented girl - you never cease to amaze me, and even when I think I know the best you can do, you prove me wrong! If I love you there's a reason, and that reason is You. You're wonderful, sweet & sensitive, you make me feel alive.

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is love. Love from everyone you care about. Everyone who cares about you.