Advent Calendar 2015

The first one

It has to start somewhere, and why not right here and right now. That's right, this is the first page of the first Advent Calendar you'll get from me ❤

About Advent Calendars

I have a thing for cheesiness, as you might have noticed already. Well of course Christmas and what's going with it are no exception. Advent Calendars are a huge thing for me. I mean, no, not really but like, they can be so cute and stuffed with chocolate-y goodness or surprises and and... It's like being a child all over again.

My mom usually buys one for me. And a few others for friends. Like, for Thoune's mom, for example. Not overly fancy ones but cute ones. The kind with drawings that make you feel sad when you're done eating the chocolate and you have to trash it, you know. Anyway! All that to tell you that it's what I want to share with you ❤. All the cuteness going around that thingy. If I was with you right I would probably have handed you a real one with chocolates inside. Or maybe a handmade one. Or both.

Anyway, this one is yours and I'll try to put random stuff and surprises to make you smile every day ^_^!

For the record

Yes, I know I'm an atheist and being that fond of this holiday can seem quite weird, but let's remember Christmas stemmed from winter festivals and pagan holidays! Even though christianity got a grasp on this, I think that nowadays, we can consider Christmas a fucking neutral holiday because well - it's not about the Christ anymore. The gift-giving comes from the Roman Saturnian, the lights and trees from Roman New Year and the food from Germanic feasts. So goes for the Advent Calendar, created by the Lutherans but imported from the Nordic countries.

It's just a way to celebrate happiness and, well, with you happiness happens all-year round. But still! I know you'll like this and that's why I'm doing it ❤

Today's Chocolate

Your chocolate for today is some Christmas Spirit. Go to the edit page of your main and look at the bottom of the html editor. You will see this:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script>$(document).snowfall({collection : '#container-top'});</script>

Remove <!-- and --> and enjoy ❤